The generator TF80  is operating in Uganda near Lake Victoria.

It is a Generator successfully integrated into a modern power plant operating in Island mode with the  purpose of supporting the storage system connected to a photovoltaic park with more than 800 panels.

The plant is equipped with an "Energy Management System". An advanced energy management system between the various components, and a "Battery Management System", that is, an intelligent battery management system.  

The plant provides electricity to over 500 domestic and commercial users, enabling them to have a continuous service of lighting and power supply to various electrical devices for domestic and commercial purposes, such as mills and ice machines,  supporting therefore the fragile local economy based almost exclusively on fishing. The use of electricity is handled via a cellular prepaid system, and is monitored through individual smart meters connected to each other as well as  remotely.

I work with a Company that has already purchased the is reassuring to know that Orefice support is very responsive...

How does this generation plant act in Island mode operation and what is the generator for?

This plant bears the distinction of being placed in a context where the power grid does not exist, so all the produced energy is consumed by the users or stored in a Vanadium accumulator battery.

The generator unit comes into operation only when maintenance is performed on the storage and / or the production part, but also in case of excessive power demand for the plant itself.

Are there any other similar power plants?

In the past we have provided generators for similar applications with different powers, starting from 2 kW with generator 24 VDC or 48 VDC, all automated to start the generator automatically when the charge of the batteries is low.

All these applications, regardless of power, have in common pursuit of energy continuity, which is always the basis of our solutions.