The most compact and silent generator. The history of TP20K.

The market offers compact solutions, but  it is often about generating sets with two-cylinder engines at 3000 rpm, or  for other uses such as in construction or as a "hobby" where, in order to have compact dimensions, one must give up the comfort of quietness and convenience.

The element that often discourages the purchase of a professional generating set is the size - weight ratio compared to the electrical power.

There is a link between the size and noise of the generator which stems from the fact that a real silent generator  has several constructive requirements, that, for equal power, make it larger than other generating sets

To better understand this connection, we take into account that in a  real soundproof generator, the airflow is channeled in such a way that the noise can be better absorbed. In addition, the position and the type of materials constituting the silencer are very different from the great majority of generators that are improperly defined "soundproof" and are actually just containded in a canopy. In other words, they are placed in a frame or a cabin, with nothing that can absorb the sound other than the steel sheets .

Having clarified this issue, it becomes clear that it is not easy to reconcile noise and size without compromising performance. However, in recent years we have given much space in search of solutions to build silent compact generating sets without putting the customer in the position of having to give up something in terms of equipment and performance.

Building a generating set like the TP20K which has a length of only 140 cm and a width of 90 cm wouldn't be something outstanding except that the following equipment is provided as standard on it:

· It has 4 doors.

· It has a noise level of 65 dB (+/- 3)} at {2 meters.

· It has a  50 litres metal tank.

· A control panel mounted in the cabin.

· An internal silencer.

· An external fuel loading plug.

· It's totally automatic with AMF and battery charger.

Want to see it in operation? Here is a short video.

The idea of  the TP20K stemmed a year ago while we were developing a completely different product.

We were looking for the right solution for a customer who had really reduced installation space, where even a few centimeters would have made a difference. To do that we were willing to give up all the comforts that have distinguished us in these years. While we were testing all the possible solutions and modifications on the prototype, the "K" version came up thanks to a combination of ideas and technical arrangements.

Making Tesla K version was like packing a suitcase without giving up on your favourite clothes and shoes or being careful not to exceed the weight allowance.

The basic concept is that we wouldn't be giving up anything.