Generator with high-temperature resistant frame.

As is known, in a generator the heat spreads rapidly if they are not taken precautions to isolate thermally sensitive parts. 

The hottest components of a generator are mainly, but not only, the exhaust manifold, the exhaust pipe, the turbine compressor and the silencer. For these parts the most scrupulous manufacturers adopt the measures capable of limiting contact with hot parts and at the same time contain the temperatures radiated by the same.

Sometimes there are situations in which contribute to 'increase of a generator set temperature and the environment that hosts it there are external factors such as: the temperature at which the generator is in operation or the presence in the proximity of the generator group of sources of heat.

Some situations must be unfailingly avoided during installation, however, there are conditions that can not always be met. Take for example the case of an installation from 10 kVA generator, on open base, with from 50 liter tank incorporated. The customer must use the generator at a factory / store Pyrotechnic items, especially in service to a plant fire pressurization. Despite the full compliance of the generator with respect to the rules and to the system, it has been provided with a TY10 liquid containment tank resistant to high temperatures and direct flames.

Such a characteristic of resistance is possible thanks to the use of a frame with increased thickness of the plates and to a special paint finish with powder resistant to over 800 ° C for a limited exposure time.

This is not a useful finishing only to preserve the coating. Compared to the standard finishes, it slows down the spread of the heat under the same conditions and temperature.

This solution allows not only to contain any spillage of flammable liquids but to avoid the triggering in the presence of external heat sources.

In the past this special finish has been provided and tested positively for applications with a high direct exposure of the sun and on the control and switchgear.