Contact. Contact our Rentals Department, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to be contacted. Our Rentals Department will advise you on the best generator set selection for you. You will receive your personalized estimate within 24 hours, which, if confirmed, will have the value of the booking.

Contract. Make the contract, daily, weekly, monthly or personalized. The conclusion of the contract will require certain documents for identification and completion.

Consign. Training on the use of the generator set and delivery of the documents is necessary for use and possession, with completion and approval of the Delivery Form. On the other hand, at the end of the rental period, the return will take place after checking the condition of the generator set and filling in the return form.

And in addition....

• Ordinary and extraordinary scheduled maintenance is always included. With us, it’s as simple as putting in the diesel oil, connecting the cables and you have energy.

• You have all the documents to use the generator at your disposal. No surprises on site. You will receive the Owner's Guide, Certificate of Conformity, Online Tutorial, Online Manuals and convenient training upon delivery.

• You will have 360° specialist support before, during and after rental. You won't waste time looking for information or advice elsewhere.

Replacement Electrogen Units: An assorted fleet of equipment to avoid leaving you without energy in case of problems.*

Why choose Orefice Generators for your rental?

Just like when you buy a generator, a rental needs rapid and punctual assistance and support. If you rent, perhaps it is because you have a well-defined need, and you probably already have a situation to deal with or solve, so you will hardly want to bring on another new problem.

By renting, you don’t have to wait for an inspection or maintenance, a service center takes charge of the request and intervenes because an extra step corresponds to time lost for you and your business.

The feeling that you feel when the engine starts decisively is the same feeling you will have about the service you receive from the first moment.
— G.Quartu - Ellesystem s.r.l



With us, you have 360° assistance on the generator set, from electronics to mechanics and electromechanics, and a single contact person for everything.

A popular quote is, "Whoever is a friend of all, is not a friend of anyone." The same rule also applies to the skills of those who supply rental machinery, because the person who is renting probably does not have all the different skills required.


  • Training on delivery.

  • Ordinary maintenance.

  • Ordinary assistance.

  • Replacement generator set in case of serious breakdown.


  • Insurance.

  • Transport and unloading with Cranes.

  • Connection and disconnection at freight end.

  • Public holiday availability.

  • Availability 24 hours a day.

  • Technical supervision during events.

  • Connection and initial commissioning.


Our generator equipment consists of recent machines with power ratings from 3kVA to 2000kVA.

Our generators are selected according to technical specifications that meet the most specific rental requirements. If you are looking for a generator set to connect sensitive electronic equipment, we have what you need.

For us, automatic generators, synchronized to the net, on cart or vehicle, are standard.




  • Power Conductors.

  • Tanks above ground.

  • Tanks with a spout.

  • Switching switchboards.

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