CHP - COMBINED Heat & Power

Cogeneration has been for years the solution adopted mainly by large companies with huge energy consumers. Today, however, is a technology closer to small and medium-sized enterprises and even the private sector, due to the evolution of energy costs that has made cogeneration systems more competitive than ever before and a technology that makes it more and more reliable and economically sustainable small and medium-sized installations.

The most common CHP in Europe are powered by the below fuels:

· CNG CHP Generators

· Biogas CHP Generators

· Vegetable Oil CHP Generators (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, etc etc)

· Syngas CHP Generators(gas produced by pyrolysis processes)

· Diesel CHP Generators (rarely)

In Europe the CHP trend follows the incentives, so the choice of which fuel to use is based on economic factors.



We produce CHP generators using the most advanced technology available. They are not modified generators or adapted to heat recovering only, but dedicated projects.

The CHP Generator is not a simply sum of a generator set + heat exchanger.

CHP Management

Usually the companies that produce CHP systems are responsible for designing, building and sometimes installing and commissioning the CHP or the entire energy plant.

We at Orefice Generators, come from a long experience in the service of generators and CHP , so we know what are the main difficulties that arise during the operation of a CHP .

The nightmare of those who own a CHP is that this is out of service for too many days during the year.

The CHP must work as much as possible, that's why turning to us is the best solution for the CHP .


How much can I save with a CHP Generator?

- You can save a lot, and sometimes you can also make profit.

What permissions are needed to install a CHP?

- There are specialized engineering studies that deal with the bureaucratic process in this regard. Indicatively, the main requirements relate to fire prevention practices, reporting to the customs agency and authorizations regarding emissions of gas into the atmosphere. Authorization change from country to country as per local rules.

Does the CHP have to be sized according to the thermal or electric requirement?

- This question has not only one answer, but we can say that there must be a balance between both. If the user does not consume both, thermal and electrical, they are sold to other users.

Natural Gas, Biogas, Vegetal Oils ... what is the cheapest fuel?

- The choice of fuel must be based on two factors, namely the incentive provided for plants that use that specific fuel and fuel supply.

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