Residential is an application often classified as non-professional. Thegeneral trand is to settle for low-level products to ensure energy backup in technologically advanced homes.

The solution is our emergency generators for residential use:

· The quietest for the kW / db ratio, and you will have no problems with neighbors.

· Really Automatic, ie equipped with a control panel with mains analyzer functions.

· Remote monitoring available by an app on the smartphone.

· Voltage and frequency stabilized to protect your house devices.

· Aesthetically pleasing, for applications in elegant environments.



The telecommunicatio field, especially the mobile one, is constantly changing and often backup technologies change with it. A telephone repeater often works in geographically inconvenient positions.

Despite the backup and hybrid systems, the use of the diesel emergency generator for telephone repeaters is the most reliable solution to avoid service interruptions. The disservice costs the operator and the manager dearly.

The answer Orefice Generators is a generator set with functions and features useful in the time of operation.

Automatic and / or manual refilling of fuel with quick couplings and 3-way valves.

Soundproof cabins equipped with large doors to facilitate maintenance.

Larger fuel tanks for up to 7 consecutive working days

Automatic lubricant top-up systems.


costruction site.jpg


We have generators specifically designed for the construction sector, supporting customers all over Europe and develop their needs into technical solutions.

From the study of customer needs we developed new successful products, such as "Recogeno", the device that recovers heat, was tested for the first time on a construction site.

The construction field presents challenges and difficulties related to the use of any machinery.

We wanted to simplify the experience of using our generators for construcion field.

Large doors for better inspection.

Internal or external fuel filling of your choice.

Leakage containment tank and leak detection sensor.

Documentation and manuals developed for the field to better protect workers.




Farmers and Breeders are continually updating their equipment to try to improve the quality of their products and animal welfare.

The Orefice Generators have been simplified in use, maintaining high levels of performance and without altering the functions, they have been made suitable for continuous operation and in emergency for the continuity of breeding and greenhouses.

We have studied specific solutions:

Automatism for starting the generator in specific days and times for irrigation.

Automatic starting systems operated by level probes.

Automatic starting systems driven by temperature probes. (Stables and shelters).



Cave e Miniere

Crushers; Mills; Screeners; all machines that need electricity and so much power.

Orefice Generators can design and customize the generators to optimize operation with these machines.

Customizations to optimize the size of the generator

Anti-dust and anti-sand filters for use in dusty environments.

Generating sets with parallel operation system for optimized load management.

Machines used in quarries and mines are often characterized by high absorption and operation in harsh environments.

Knowing the sector, thanks to the collaboration with leading companies in the sector, has allowed us to understand the specific needs of those who must operate and maintain crushing plants.

The choice of engine and alternator is the result of a technical study and rarely a simple choice from a product catalog. Fuel consumption, maintenance intervals, load taking, are critical factors that must be carefully evaluated.


Hospitals and clinics are obviously particularly sensitive to blackouts.

Generators are often in emergency service at hospital facilities equipped with obsolete electrical systems and subject to sudden breakdowns.

The Tesla series Orefice generator sets have been set up in various hospitals to respond to the need for a quick cold start.

Data Center

Data, whatever their nature, is increasingly becoming a tangible value, so today the loss of data corresponds to the loss of money.


Hotel Receptive

Important customers in the hotel and tourism sector, they have adopted our solutions for the supply of generators on Stand-By to serve hotels of all levels and sizes.

The Hotel Electrical Generator is not only a choice, it is often mandatory for safety reasons and for the continuity of fundamental services, such as servers, room access domotics, video surveillance systems, etc.

The generator in the hotel should be:

Quiet to guarantee quiet to guests.

With adequate autonomy to guarantee the service even for a whole weekend.

Automatic with control panel and integrated AMF.



The nightmare of those who organize an Event is often that of a Blackout during the event itself.

The main criticality of an "event" is in fact that this is difficult to replicate over time, so you can't go wrong, everything must work perfectly.


Our generators are so silent as to be used during film or documentary filming in forests and natural environments where the slightest noise would compromise the success of the filming.

For generators intended for events of various kinds, we have studied and implemented specific solutions, in particular linked to the reliability of the operation and the silence of the generator, which is often installed in positions where noise is limited by regulations and conditions linked to the performance of the event itself.

Generators with stabilized voltage and frequency, indispensable for feeding delicate and expensive equipment.

Generously soundproofed Generating Sets without sacrificing performance. (SILENGEN)

Control systems designed for redundancy between two or more generators.



Navy, Army, Aeronautics

Navy, Army, Aeronautics, everyone needs electricity, both during the usual military exercises and during missions.

The need is often linked to the condition in which the generator is used.

The Military Genius is particularly careful in the study of the technical specifications of Generators to be used for Military activities and chooses which standards must be applied.

Military generators are often equipped with:

Control panel with sockets for Military applications

Fuel quick-release couplings

Powerlock type quick couplings

Sand filters and cold start systems, with water, battery and fuel preheating.