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Doing this work for over 75 years and getting better. 

Just being in the industry for so many years does not mean everything. However, doing this work for so many years – growing, improving, and acquiring new customers – definitely means something. Our team is made up of technicians with specialized skills. All our technicians have years of experience in generator manufacturing, so they are familiar with generators, their components, and associated failures.

We do not repair cars or provide assistance with construction and earthmoving machinery. We deal exclusively with Electrogen groups.

Technical center

Qualified Personnel that uses modern equipment

Our Technical Staff is qualified and trained to perform all activities on a generator. We believe in training, the real one, which is applied concretely to work, so we periodically organize internal training meetings, or by using external resources we organize training for our technicians.

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Our facility is equipped with modern equipment that improves the quality of work and average delivery times, including:

Coordination, Technical office 


We are organized to manage and coordinate maintenance contracts and related activities for generators of all brands, from the smallest to the largest, up to cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

For each generator set, we check it out completely and collect all the information and documents needed to manage any faults. Once the contract has been signed, we maintain a spare parts stock dedicated to your generator set. We do all this in order to ensure that we can provide efficient and fast service.


We work with leading component manufacturers, managing spare parts from all over the world and delivering them on time to every corner of the world. To do all this, we have access to the software and databases of the most important brands.

We stock a large number of specific components for the repair of Generators, motors, and alternators. Consumables, such as filters and lubricants, are available at our offices, as well as serviceable spare parts.

Perkins – MTU – Navistar – MWM –Mahindra – John Deere – Iveco – FPT – Yanmar – Mitsubishi



1. The protection of your investment and resources: knowing that your generator set is always up to date, spending as much as maintenance, but getting more services.

2. A properly maintained generator means better safety for your workers and peace of mind and protection for you.

3. The certainty of a machine that is always ready to run, without any surprises.

4. Problems due to poor maintenance are avoided, which can involve costly repairs.

5. Certain annual costs and tariffs are blocked for the duration of the contract.

6. Customization with "Premium" services, such as technical availability, a replacement generator in case of failure, remote monitoring and much more.

7. Regular recording of activities and reporting in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system.

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