The search for an innovative solution for our customers – together with the attention to new technologies – makes us stand out as suppliers of solutions before products. 

Over the years we have adopted working methods aimed at improving our products and services. Our production systems let us produce a quality product while taking into account the quality of the working environment. 

For over 75 years and three generations, we have been working with the desire to stand out for reliability and dedication, becoming a reference point in our sector. Our goal is to achieve an increasingly significant market share in the distribution of Generators. 

These ambitious but realistic goals are – we believe – achievable while maintaining a company policy based and guided by the reliability and fairness that must distinguish and bring out the companies that intend to be leaders in the reference markets. 

Since 2008 we have created new collaborations and carried out several projects; one for the development of new markets and opportunities, and one for the production of new technologies in the field of the Generators’ soundproofing. 

Within the Orefice team, we share a simple business ethics and philosophy – to dedicate our talent and technology to the creation of products and services that can improve our company and the market in which we operate. 

Every day our employers bring this philosophy to life. 

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A company is the sum of the value of its human resources. For more than half a century we have been committed to guaranteeing our employers a range of opportunities to develop their full potential. 

Each of our actions is driven by an incompressible passion for excellence and a determined commitment to develop the best product and services on the market. 

In today’s changing global economic situation, change is on the agenda and innovation is crucial to the survival of a company. In line with the path traced in more than half a century of history, we define our future visions, anticipating the needs and demands of the market to lead the society towards a lasting success. 



We are proudly carrying on a long family tradition in the electromechanical sector dating back to the 1930s.


Our history started in Cagliari, Sardinia, at the end of the 30s when Natale Orefice began his career in the electromechanical field, initially working at the “Società Elettrica Sarda” (Sardinian Electric Society) and gradually building the company named “Elettromeccanica Orefice Natale.”

Although the war left its indelible marks on the hands and in the eyes of Natale Orefice, the desire to rebuild everything from scratch and the opportunities given by the post-war period allowed us to identify the possibilities of developing and proposing technology solutions and energy-related products in the electromechanical field.

In just a few years, a small reality became huge, and in the 60s, it turned into a leader in the Sardinian electromechanical field. At the end of the 80s, the generational transition corresponded to the “Orefice Elettromeccanica’s” birth – a company specialized in servicing electrical machines and producing generators in special setups.

The 90s were decisive. The company Orefice Gruppi Elettrogeni was born. Initially, it dealt with assistance and rental of generators in addition to the now consolidated production of special generator sets.

The construction of the new operational site began in 2003. The new factory was equipped with a sales office, a technical office and a stock of raw materials and spare parts.

Today, Orefice Generators is the result of the commitment and determination of three generations. Thanks to this commitment, Orefice Generators has become a well-known brand nationally and internationally, with an ever-expanding commercial network.

Working ethically is the foundation of our business. All our actions are based on moral convictions that ensure fairness, respect for all categories and transparency.”

From construction to telecommunications, from hospitals to the manufacturing industry, over time we have acquired valuable knowledge and experience with our customers. That’s why we are now an experienced and reliable partner for anyone who wants to solve their needs for complementary or rescue electricity.

Our new factory is located in Sardinia, a few kilometers from the industrial port of Cagliari in the center of the trade routes that cross the Mediterranean Sea from Suez to Gibraltar. There, we produce generators from 2 to 3000 Kva, built with different configurations: open frame, silenced; articulated, automatic; or made according to the specific customer’s needs.

Our products are successful and present in a growing number of countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Every day, we face new challenges from the market, and we are constantly ready to offer what has always distinguished us: Italian quality, high technology, excellence in service.

We are proud of our family tradition, but we can talk to everyone about quality. For this reason, major global brands, like MWM Navistar, have chosen us as their partners for Italy.

For this reason, every customer and project is always a new challenge.




The best way to get to know us is to read out what our customers say about us.

In this section, you will find only an fraction of our references. All other references are collected in a book that we update regularly. Test us and ask for a reference for your industry. The next reference will be yours. 

INAF Radiotelescopio

INAF Radiotelescopio

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Eredi Manghina - Impianto di Frantumazione

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Marina Militare Tedesca



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Aeronautica Militare Italiana

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