The Generator Maintenance : Engine

The Generator Maintenance

2. The engine

As I said, I won’t talk about the service but I’ll just give a tooltip: “Always use lubricants of good quality with the features approved by the manufacturer.”

Most of the time, you’re dealing with  a diesel engine which in several years has probably accumulated few operating hours. Therefore, if you call upon qualified products you won’t have problems in maintaining the diesel in good conditions and (but I’ll tell it winking) maybe it will not even be necessary to replace it every year since it’s also provided in the engines ‘guides.

Credit Navistar Inc.

Credit Navistar Inc.

A real professional  shall carry the manuals and use them ..

Some are convinced that using the manual is synonymous with poor professionalism because if you use the manual it means  you’re not qualified and a manual guide should be sought.

Actually, following the instructions of a manual is synonymous with professionalism and it is a guarantee for the customer. The Manuals contain fundamental data on procedures and values useful for clamping.

Mindful that oil and fuel filters replacement are well defined by the manufacturer  on a regular basis and it is not necessary for all, substitution could be annual if you use name brand consumable.

Doing so will give you more time to focus on those parts that, in the long boring life of the generating set’s stand by engine, have no way to remain in operation and risk to become slow and lazy such us  the mechanical linkage of the injection pump, the tappets, the belt tightener, the alternator and the starter motor …

Check the clamps tightening and monitor the connectors status  along the electrical wiring on-board the engine (more and more present within the new generation of engines)

Below is an example table of the maintenance plan of an engine applied to a generator.